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What is an LED?

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a device consisting of a semiconductor that emits light energy when electricity passes through it. LEDs are used in applications as diverse as aviation lighting, automotive lighting, advertising, general domestic and commercial lighting and traffic signals. They are widely recognised as being extremely energy efficient with long operating life.

Are LED lights cost effective?

LED lights are extremely energy efficient, which means you will make Massive Savings in your lighting costs. Everyone knows electricity costs always increase every year. The savings you get by switching to LED lighting can pay for the LED lights in a matter of months. You will immediately enjoy up to 90% savings on your lighting bills.

ü  For domestic users that could equate to over £300 savings per year.

ü  For commercial customers you will have payback in a matter of months.

ü  Remember every time the electricity supplier decides to put the power cost up, you will save even more!

How long do LED Lights last?

LED light bulbs have a much longer operating life compared to standard incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs. LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours which equals over 5 years of continuous operation compared to non LED bulbs which typically need changing after 2000 hours.

As well as having very low power consumption (up to 90% less power) they will last for many years before changing.

Are LED lights Environmentally Friendly?

Absolutely YES! LED lights are:

·         Energy efficient – up to 90% less power use than standard lights

·         Eco friendly lighting

·         Robust and have a long operating life

·         Cool during operation which means does not generate excess heat and avoid burns

·         Free from mercury or other environmentally harmful substances

·         Free from IR or UV emissions

Will LED bulbs fit into my current light fittings?

Yes. All our LED lights are designed to be compatible with standard light fittings. Just check that you have selected the correct cap on the bulb for your existing fitting. You will find this on the product information details for each bulb.

Which light colour is best?

The colour choice is simply down to your personal preference. The most popular colour for indoor LED lights is Warm White as it is the closest to the colour given off by traditional lights. For outdoor lights the most popular option is cool white.

Does an LED bulb give the same brightness as my old light bulb or spot light?

Yes. All our LED lights are specifically designed to provide high quality light output and use much less electricity when switched on. They are the ideal replacement for your existing light bulbs.

My halogen lights get red hot, how hot does an LED Light get?

LED lights run a lot cooler than other types of lighting. LED lights are warm to the touch when on and any excess heat is dissipated by the metal body which acts as a heat sink. This means that the LED light is kept cool and provides consistent high quality light output for a long operating life.

My energy saving bulbs takes a long time to warm up, do LED light lights switch on immediately or do they have to warm up?

All our LED lights switch on immediately to full light output, they do not require any time to warm up.